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As the most widely and frequently used form of medical imaging, x-rays are involved in the diagnoses, treatment and observation of a staggering array of conditions and ailments, especially those associated with the bones, like arthritis of the joints, fractures and breaks and chest ailments like pneumonia. Baseline x-rays are helpful in terms of staging your disease and planning intervention.

Patient Information and Preparation

Special Instructions

  • X-ray services are currently rendered on a walk in basis. While we are usually able to accommodate these on short notice, we will require a signed requisition from your doctor in order to admit you to your appointment. Patients experiencing signs and symptoms of covid-19 will be deferred and triaged depending on the nature of the imaging request.
  • Inform your practitioner immediately if you are pregnant or suspect that you are pregnant, as x-ray radiation is harmful to the unborn baby and can result in birth defects

How to prepare for your procedure

Generally, no special preparation is necessary for this procedure

What to expect during your exam

  • You’ll be asked to remove any accessories, jewelry, clothing or other items that might impede optimal X-ray performance
  • In the event that you are required to remove your clothing, a gown will be provided
  • Women between the ages of 11 and 55 while be asked whether they may be or are pregnant; should they answer yes, proceedings will be halted and the necessary alternative action taken
  • Lead shielding will be used to obscure body parts not relevant to this examination
  • Your technologist will position you in one or more ways throughout the course of the examination, in order obtain the relevant images
  • Be sure to keep still during the course of this procedure
  • Once your practitioner is satisfied with his/her observations and captures, you ,may alight from the x-ray table and, once cleared, will be free to leave

When to expect the results from your exam

Dependent on the nature and complexity of your condition, radiologists should interpret your x-rays and forward results to your doctor by the next working day.

What you’ll pay for this procedure

This x-ray exam is covered under your Alberta Health Care Plan.