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Grande Prairie

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Shift Imaging offers routine screening and diagnostic mammography at our Grande Prairie location. Having regular screening mammograms is the best way to find breast cancer early, before symptoms appear and when treatment may work better.

Patient Experience

Shift Imaging is sensitive to the anxiety often accompanying breast exams and has put special care and attention into planning our mammography service.

  • Our highly experienced Technologists are all certified with the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) and will be with you each step of the way.
  • Our Mammography suite has been designed with the intent of providing a calming naturally inspired atmosphere to reduce the anxiety associated with breast exams.
  • Ask one of our Technologists about our Pristina Dueta (compression control) if you experience discomfort or pain during your mammograms. This feature allows our patients to take control over the amount of compression used during the mammogram and is helpful for those who avoid mammography due to the inherent discomfort of the procedure.

About our system

Shift Imaging’s state-of-the-art Mammography system is capable of 3D tomosynthesis providing improved detection rates over conventional 2D mammography. The GE Pristina system is the only FDA approved 3D mammography system delivering the same low dose as 2D mammography, the lowest patient dose of all FDA approved systems.  Learn more about Shift Imaging’s mammography system, including Dueta, here.


  • Complete breast assessment – This includes bilateral screening mammography with 3D tomosynthesis and supplementary ultrasound. This service is most appropriate for patients with dense breasts (category C or D) or specific risk factors for breast cancer (BRCA gene or family history of cancer).
  • Diagnostic mammography +/- ultrasound – This service is offered to patients with new breast complaints including palpable lumps, pain or discharge and may be offered between screening exams depending on the circumstances.


  • Women aged 40 to 49: You need a referral from your healthcare provider for your first screening mammogram. After your first mammogram, you can book your regular appointment by providing the name of your healthcare provider.
  • Women aged 50 to 74: You can book a screening mammogram without a referral. Shift Imaging requires the name of your healthcare provider to book a screening mammogram. This is so that the we know who to send the results to and who will do the follow-up, if needed.
  • Women aged 75 and older: If you choose to continue screening, you’ll need a referral from your healthcare provider.

How to book

  • Call us to book an appointment at (587)495-9817 if you’re registered in the Alberta Breast Cancer Screening Program.
  • Please obtain a requisition from your doctor if this is your first (baseline) screening exam.
  • Diagnostic mammograms and breast ultrasound require a requisition from your doctor.
  • All breast exams are covered by the Alberta Health Care Plan.
  • Shift Imaging can accept all requisitions, including those from Connect Care.


Is Shift Imaging on NetCare?

Yes, Shift Imaging successfully onboarded with Alberta NetCare March 28th, 2022.  All of our Alberta Patients with a valid Health Care Number will have their images and reports pushed to the provincial repository and the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital to ensure continuity of care.

Do you accept out of province referrals?

Yes, several of our patients visit from Northeast British Columbia including Fort Saint John, Dawson Creek and Tumbler Ridge to name a few.  Shift Imaging requires a valid BC Personal Health Number (or equivalent from other provinces) in order to accept a referral.  The referring physician will receive a faxed report and we can provide any of your health care provider(s) with access to our online portal if they wish to review the images.  We’re unable to push images to extra-provincial repositories for the time being.

How long is your waitlist?

Shift Imaging strives to keep our waitlist within a 2-week period for elective breast exams and will prioritize urgent requests upon receipt of a signed requisition requesting the same.

Do you provide biopsies?

Unfortunately, Shift Imaging has been unable to obtain lab support due to circumstances outside of our control.  All image guided biopsies can only be performed at the Grande Prairie Regional Hospital (GPRH) or referred out to Edmonton.  The radiologists at GPRH are able to view all of our examinations and reports obviating the need to repeat your diagnostic exam(s).


Please visit the link below for more information regarding Alberta’s breast cancer screening program: