Patient Information & FAQ

Are you on Alberta NetCare and Connect Care?

Yes, Shift Imaging went live on Alberta NetCare March 28th, 2022 and referring physicians can access our reports through the Connect Care interface by navigating to the NetCare section.  Shift Imaging can accept referrals from Connect Care in addition to any other signed requisition.  In addition to NetCare,  our Physicians may use the Physician Portal to review patient order status, scheduled date, images and reports.  Please contact us at to register.

How do I book my exam?

The easiest way to book your exam is to confirm your doctor has faxed us the requisition before calling the clinic.  For non-emergent cases, we ask you wait 24 hours between the time your requisition was faxed and calling Shift Imaging to book.  This allows us to prepare your order so we can book you in a timely manner.  Patients who don’t call to book 24 hours after their requisition has been faxed, will be contacted by our bookings team as soon as we process your order, this can take up to 5 days for non-urgent and follow-up exams.  Walk in X-ray patients are encouraged to come with a signed paper requisition.  You can download, print, and take a requisition to your Doctor here.

Do I have to pay for my exam?

No. Our services are covered by the the Alberta Health Care Plan with the exception of a few specialized offerings including:

  • Viscosupplementation (Monovisc, Cingal, Durolane) – These synthetic osteoarthritis treatments may be purchased from Shift Imaging or through your local pharmacy. The patient is responsible for purchasing the medication, however, the Alberta Health Care Plan will cover the cost of the injection. Pricing varies depending on the vendor and usually ranges between $400-$500 per vial. Please contact your local pharmacy or email for more information.
  • Botox for chronic migraine – The Patient, or Benefits Provider, is responsible for supplying the Botox. Please contact for more information regarding this treatment. The majority of our Botox for chronic migraine requests are managed through BioScript who will generally adjudicate the request with your benefits provider, subsequently supplying us with the Botox for your treatment.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – Similar to Viscosupplementation, the injection component of the procedure is covered by the Alberta Health Care Plan. The PRP harvesting is offered by our Colleagues at Orthopedic Associates, located across the hall. Please call (780)-882-9449 for specific information regarding PRP pricing.

Do you allow family members to attend Obstetrical ultrasound exams?

Yes, our oversized rooms on the 2nd floor allow our patients to have up to 3 accompanying guests.  We kindly ask all guests to be mindful this is a diagnostic exam and the Technologist is working hard to obtain your images.  Please do not ask questions about the exam when your Technologist is scanning.  Depending on how quickly the exam goes (some are easier than others due to fetal positioning) the Technologist may be able to show your family members a few images at the end of the exam.  This policy is subject change in accordance with Ministry of Health orders and the status of the covid-19 pandemic.

Do you offer early morning ultrasound appointments?

Yes, we have set aside several ultrasound slots between 0700-0800 upon request. We require a reliable method of contact to reach you on the day of your exam. Please indicate a preference for an early morning examination at the time of booking and provide us with a cell phone number. Walk-in services are available Monday – Friday 0800 – 400pm and occasional after hours pain management injections are available outside of these hours by appointment only.

Is parking available onsite and how much does it cost?

Ample free parking is available on site.

Do you offer walk-in x-ray services?

Yes, our walk in x-ray services are available 0800-400pm Monday – Friday. Patients must provide a copy of their requisition, or have a copy faxed by their physician, in order to be seen. We are unable to accommodate patients without a requisition. You can upload your requisition here to save time prior to your appointment.

Can I obtain a copy of my report or images?

Yes, patients may request a copy of their own study in USB format, please visit our online store to place an order.